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With us, parcel drivers, delivery drivers and parcel deliverers can find a fabulous new job in Rostock!

Go for it: Become a parcel delivery driver at We Brinks Rostock!

We deliver! With reliability and joy.

No industry is currently booming as much as e-commerce. To ensure that the goods reach your customers quickly and reliably, we come into play. And you. Because together we can do it! At particularly fair conditions, under constant supervision by your team leader and in a great team!

We deliver packages for the world’s largest e-commerce retailer in the region of the Hanseatic city of Rostock and the surrounding area. We offer our parcel delivery staff brand-new delivery vehicles, state-of-the-art communication technology and a free shuttle service to the starting point of our tours.

All the advantages of your job at WeBrinks at a glance:

  • Very fair and punctual payment (13€ / hour)
  • Paid overtime
  • Salary from 2.158 € gross per month
  • Up to 200€ additional bonus per month
  • Paid training (two weeks)
  • pre-sorted packages = fast and uncomplicated loading
  • great working atmosphere
  • modern and new delivery vehicles

We train and support you! From day one.

But above all, we never leave you alone.

At WebrinKS, it all starts with two weeks of paid training. We make you fit in all aspects of the delivery activity. We explain the vehicles, our apps and show you the delivery area. Theory and practice alternate here.

You start with small delivery quantities. The number of delivery stops grows gradually with your qualification and individual pace.

We make sure that you never have to make more than 160 delivery stops per day. And during your entire tour we will accompany you. Via our app – but also on the phone if needed. This way we can clarify and avoid all questions and problems directly.

Open communication is very important to us! This is the only way we can grow together as a team and get better every day.

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No industry is currently booming as much as e-commerce. To ensure that the goods reach your customers quickly and reliably, we come into play. And you. Because together we can do it! At special fair conditions and in a great team!

Parcel driver for Rostock location

Parcel delivery driver for Rostock

Delivery driver part time

WeBrinKS is Amazon Delivery Partner!

We are official delivery partner for Amazon. Together with our drivers, we deliver parcels every working day in the region between Bad Oldesloe and Timmendorfer Strand. We are a friendly, international team with great fun in reliable delivery, fair dealings at eye level and a lot of joy in our joint work.

Read more about us and our founder Katren Sweetat in the interview on the Amazon dayone blog.

What our employees say about WeBrinKS


Moin! I have fun at work. There is a good team that doesn’t leave me alone even when I’m stressed, I always meet new people and get around a lot in a really beautiful area.
I don’t need any additional sports because I stay physically fit at work and I can leave the daily worries behind.
Now and then I liked to work on Saturday to earn a little extra.


WeBrinKS is a super team. Everyone works hand in hand and no one is left behind. If someone does not know what to do or needs help, there is always someone there to help – whether it is loading, on the tour or simply if you have a flat tire, someone will always come along to support you. The atmosphere is great. You are always happy to see everyone, even if it is not for a long time, you can still see a smile in the morning (from Oliwia) which makes the day sweeter. I like the work very much because I can even take my little dog with me and he is not alone. Personally, I enjoy the work very much!


I must say that I find the working conditions in our company more than human. Not only is the minimum wage paid, but overtime and even a meal allowance are also paid. We are provided with work and protective clothing and high-quality vehicles, and our dealings with employees are always friendly and at eye level. The team also really works like a team. The only drawback – it could be a few more vacation days a year, but for me it’s not a reason not to continue working here, because it’s the only drawback from my point of view.


Gladly a few sentences: The work at Amazon is mega fun, since most packages 📦 are small it is not so strenuous for women. If you like to be outdoors, like to drive & can work on time it is a super sporty job and you even get paid for it 😁. The working conditions are very humane. A mega nice, friendly, straightforward boss. What makes our team We help each other are never alone with a problem there and what is very positive to say our boss is always available you always have a contact person.


It’s hard work, yet incredibly rewarding. It is a great feeling to be defying gender stereotypes every day. I am in good shape, I feel strong and my body responds really well to what is essentially a daily workout routine. Our boss Katren gives us a great example of stealth, determination and what a woman can achieve, even in a predominantly male environment. She inspires me every day, and makes my voice heard.

The team is very supportive! We are there for each other in times of need and there is a very non-judgmental and positive atmosphere. We try to have fun whilst working really hard and we have built a very nice family.


Working with We Brinks GMBH is very satisfying due to the good working environment and the wonderful team. They are all very friendly and always willing to help and whenever we have a personal problem the boss always tries to help. We Brinks GMBH also offers what is necessary for us to have good working conditions that allow us to carry out the work more efficiently and effectively. If we can define We Brinks GMBH in one word, I would say: Team.